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Individual training programs

Why choose this route:

Individual training programs are available for beginners as well as for experts in Yoga. There are many reasons for choosing an individual training program, and these may include:

Individual choice of location and time

  • being flexible and independent from training group schedules,
  • being able to decide when, where and how often I wish to meet my teacher, e.g. within two or six weeks (for severe illness home visits available)
  • selecting my aims, themes, or wishes that I want to talk about and work on

Health care motives

for instance, I would like

  • to do something to stay in good health
  • to become stronger and more flexible without stress
  • to stimulate the self-healing processes in my body
  • to ease body and mind grievances

Improving quality
of life

for instance
  • less stress and more calmness
  • to be able to distinguish between importance and unimportance
  • to become more aware of what is really good for me
  • to feel better, stronger and have less constraint
  • to be happy in myself, trust my perception and be less disturbed in turbulent times

Asking the questions

  • why are my experiences of a certain kind rather than another? Am I willing to and can I change this?
  • who am I really?
  • what can I do in the present situation, in my personal circumstances?
  • which way is best for me?

Yoga can help you find answers to all these questions; but its effect is even stronger if the training program is tailored to your own individual circumstances and you can practise with your personal schedule at home.

Exchange of ideas

Each time you come we will have a dialogue about your situation concerning such things as your current health situation, your aims and wishes.

Personal needs

It may also be appropriate to focus on questions such as: How do I improve my life circumstances? And how to manage situations with others and myself?

A training program for home purposes

A training program will be developed for you to fit your personal situation. The program may last between 10 and 30 minutes depending on need. It will be developed in co-operation with you, and a copy of the program will be given to you to take home.

Finding out the best variant

Working with a teacher in a one to one situation will enable the best practice to be developed specially for your needs.

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