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Most frequently asked questions

Can I start exercising Yoga during pregnancy?
  • Many women were glad they practised Yoga during their pregnancy. For a few women, however, this may not be appropriate. Before beginning, please talk to me to discuss your specific situation and any special modifications you should make.

Can I start practising Yoga at an older age?
  • Age is not a barrier to practising Yoga. It is important to find the best variant for you, however, and this is why a good teacher is necessary. Then you may begin to experience the manifold benefits of a regular Yoga practice.

Is it appropriate to start practising Yoga if I am not very flexible or entirely healthy?
  • The Yoga I teach is tailored to your needs and is therefore adapted to be appropriate for you. I will make recommendations for you to follow in group classes. During individual training the program will be tailored entirely for your needs. This applies to adults, children and young people.

Who wants to practise Yoga and why?
  • There are many reasons for practising Yoga - from the wish for better physical health and reduced stress - through to the wish for relaxation, inner balance, strengthening and gaining energy. Sometimes particular complaints or frequent repetitions of similar undesirable experiences can urge a person to want to make changes. For others, Yoga is a help or a stabilization in particularly turbulant times or in periods of great challenges.

Do I get a refund of the fees of the Yoga course when I am prevented from participation?
  • You have a choice of two ways of payment: a single lesson for 13 Euro or a monthly total of 45 Euro paid at the beginning of a month, but not transferable to the next month. By mutual agreement you can switch over to other courses at different places and times, if you are not able to participate regularly at one place at the same time.

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